Case Study 1: Strategic Asset Partners

An Innovative Approach to raising Capital

Strategic Asset Partners (SAP) markets innovative alternative investment strategies as well as structuring combinations of investments in such asset classes as: real estate, private equity commitments, hedge funds, commodities and associated derivatives.

Strategic Assets PartnersThey came to Vanessa with a goal: to raise the company’s profile and take the brand to the next level, from startup to established leader in the financial industry.

Vanessa created  the “innovative approach to raising capital” PR campaign, a full integrated campaign providing a platform for SAP to extend its credibility across targeted financial publications.

As a result, the global launch generated impressive coverage across top financial publications within the first  four weeks of the campaign including: HFM Week; Hedge Fund Alert; Reuters;  Yahoo Finance and Kyodo News.

Case Study 2: NEF: The Innovation Institute

The forefront of innovation

As a leading provider of sci-tech innovation and growth services to business, education and government, The Innovation Institute identified a need to strengthen its reputation as a professional body at the forefront of innovation.NEF: The Innovation Institute

In her role as PR and Communications Manager, Vanessa organised and hosted a series of seminars designed to spread the word of the Innovation Institute at C-level, which also supported a social media strategy developed to engage sci-tech companies.

Additionally, the series of events built a community of professionals who  offered to serve both as experts to the Innovation Council and as contributors to the Innovation Review, a project aimed to strengthen the overall strategy.